Businesses at The Hawk Creative Business Park benefit from an oasis of peace;               working in a relaxing yet sustainable environment that facilitates creative and productive thinking.

The Hawk Creative Business Park has 4 key concept areas :

  • A Creative Business Park
  • An Oasis of Peace
  • A Sustainable Development
  • Innovative Technology and Telephony

A Creative Business Park. 

The Hawk Creative Business Park is the place to run your business whilst seeking inspiration from the spectacular environment with ponds and moving water amidst a variety of trees.

Well tended seating areas provide a peaceful, secure and sustainable working locations away from the noise, congestion and pollution of traditional commercial centres.

An Oasis of Peace

Although only 600 yards down a tree lined drive from the main A19 trunk road, the site is protected from noise by mature woods to the western boundary.

The Park is situated within about 15 acres of its own grounds. Landscaped throughout this creates the opportunity to walk and relax at your leisure and facilitate creative thought.

Sustainable Development

Some of the many sustainable features of the development are all of which are controlled by an automatic  Building Management System:

Central heating – efficient under floor heating throughout powered by locally sourced biomass wood chip

Passive Cooling – careful and inspired interior & exterior design prevents the need for costly air conditioning while permitting a high standard of air quality.

Low Energy lighting – automatically varying levels as ambient light levels change to keep indoor light constant

Grey Water – roof water is collected and recycled to provide water features and toilets.

Energy Performance Certificates -this has ensured a very low A rating of only 16 for the offices

Innovative Technology and Telephony

Following the initial investment in 2007 of Fibre Optic connectivity, The Hawk can give you high speed internet access today with instant connectivity at speeds rarely seen outside a major city centre. We can also offer maximum flexibility to meet changing demands with minimal lead time to change.

Once you have agreed a lease telephones and specific numbers for your business can be allocated within an hour to allow you maximum time to prepare for your business move.

Our cutting-edge Information Technology infrastructure is designed to meet your business needs, we can provide speeds rarely seen in the countryside,and  outside of London.